Unlock Your Data's Potential: Any Platform, Any Model, Any Reality

Experience the future of data driven intelligence: Securely store and manage your personal data to train custom virtual agents, visualize your data, and interact with your models across any XR environment

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Why to choose UDESLY

Where Data Meets Creativity


Whether it's personal memories, intellectual property, or anything in between, keep your data in one secure, accessible platform that enables you to do more with your data


No more silos, no more walled gardens. Import and use your data in any ecosystem


Gone are the days of the photo app graveyards. Easily retrieve and organize your data with our 3D visualization engine


Build customized models, digital twin agents to represent yourself in digital spaces, and access memories and information from any virtual world


Share what you create with others, on any platform, in any digital world


Whether it's increased productivity or access to memories in 3D worlds, now you can interact with your data like never before

Break free from data silos and enter the universe of possibility.

Train, visualize, and interact with your data like never before.

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  • Where chatbots meet avatars

  • World class security

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Our team

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Steve Van Loon
Job title

Co-Founder & CEO

Drawing on his vast experience as a data engineer and spatial computing expert, Steve's vision and foresight bring together a background that spans across disciplines at both startup and enterprise companies, including LinkedIn, PointDrive, and Slalom Consulting.

Jordan Carlson
Job title


With experience that spans product management, business development, and marketing, Jordan's experience as a founder and business leader are helping to define the future once again. His background includes stints as head of product for AI and social media startups, as well as enterprise platforms like Salesforce.

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